Chickta-Boom is a new website project…

bobby jumps saturated
…by international swing dance instructor Bobby White, and is a branch of Swungover. Over time, this website will be full of tutorial videos and articles geared towards beginner swing dancers, to help them build a foundation in both the dance as well as the scene.

“Chickta-boom” is one of the most straight, solid swing rhythms. “Chickta-boom-chickta-boom-chickta-boom-chickta-boom…” Since swing rhythm’s the foundation that everything else is built upon in swing music, it seemed a fitting name for a project dedicated towards laying a steady, solid foundation for new vintage-style swing dancers.

Bobby has won championships of many different sorts and teaches Balboa, Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and a little Collegiate Shag with his partner Kate across the world. He gives talks on both historical and personal adventures in jitterbug history — the home base of which is the swing dance blog Swungover. If you would like to hire Bobby and Kate for their swing dancing services, please visit bobbykate.com. He is honored to be a part of the Frankie Manning Foundation.


Help me make more videos! Help me take my girlfriend out on dates (She loves dates!)! Help me get better equipment for videos! Help me spread the vintage swing dance love! If you’ve gotten something out of this project, please consider donating (even small amounts).

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