Swing 101 Articles

1. So you’ve decided to learn how to swing dance…
2. Etiquette & Floorcraft
3. Beginning your swing dance education
4. 8 Ways You Can Get Better At Dancing.
5. Which Workshop Should I Go To?

Swing History 101 Articles & Videos

1. The Birth of Lindy Hop (Early 1900s-1929)
Video 1: The Birth of Lindy Hop (1900s-1929)
Video 2: The Dark Ages (1929-1937)

Video Interviews

Mike Roberts
Jo Hoffberg

Vintage Solo Jazz Dance Tutorials

Foundation of Solo Jazz Movement

This series establishes the basic principals of solo jazz and offers suggestions on default, relaxed technique.
1. Philosophy of Solo Jazz
2. Walking (Yes, walking.)
3. Advanced walking
4. Basic Charleston
5. Torso movement
6. Arms
7. Basic turning

Solo Jazz Vocabulary

This series shows the basic vocabulary of solo vintage jazz dance from the 1920s-40s, and demonstrates ways to play with those movements.
1. Flapper Charleston (Twisty-footed Charleston)
2. Suzy Q


1. Intimidation
2. Small Practices

Footage of Original Dancers and Commentary

All About Al Minns (Film of Al’s dancing with commentary.)
After Seben, 1929

You Can Help!

Help me make more videos! Help me get better equipment for videos! Help me spread the vintage swing dance love! Help me take my girlfriend out on dates! (She loves dates!)

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